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About Us

Soaptacular Boys

We are Jacob and Jared. Jacob is shorter, but older; and Jared is taller, but younger. We are typical boys except for the fact we like to earn our own money and go against our generation’s stereotype of being entitled. We have been earning our own money since we were four and five years old. We have bought our own Chromebooks, Kindles, and even paid for our family’s trip to Disneyland! We do not sit around. We learn what needs to be done and do it!

On top of this ambition, we love playing music, creating things, and playing video games. We get good grades and plan to go to college. Jacob wants to be a pilot and Jared wants to do something with animals. 

Part of our plan is to not only use this business to help ourselves, but also other people. We will be donating the profit from certain collections or percentages of total profits to worthy ministries that help kids live better and encourage people to live a life with God. The greatest achievement in life is taking care of others.

We hope you enjoy our company and love our soaps,
Jacob and Jared